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Workshop Well-being by the voice
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Workshops Well-being discovery by the vote in Seine et Marne



The workshops Maë Expression voice

Seine and Marne, Fontainebleau, france

An interview at Osmosis Radio

On 15 March, I had the chance to be with Serge Casas,

facilitator feature of the web radio Avignon OSMOSIS RADIO
Here, you can listen to the podcast

OsmoZen 2018 with Maëla Begnaud – Well-being by the Voice – March 15, 2018


Logo-for-transmission-osmozenYou want to #relax and you #relax ? Let go and let go ? Then find the podcast OsmoZen where serge received Maëla Begnaud, coming we offer workshops fully customized to learn how to relax in order to release its full #voice.. She will show us how to improve and develop their vocal expression around the #well-being ! In Osmosis-radio, of course !

Télécharger le fichier  | Jouer in a new window  | 39:10

The spring is back, the workshops also...

We start the spring with two passages in the Seine and Marne.

The workshop was Well-being by the voice will be Friday, March 23, from 17h to 19h over the Other to St Mammes: 48 Rue des palottes

and on Saturday, 24 March from 16h to 18h at the center of healing energy Echo at Veneux les Sablons: Avenue de Fontainebleau.

(These places are 5 minutes from the station on foot, 10 minutes from Fontainebleau and 50mn from Paris gare de Lyon train station, zone Navigo).

Number of places limited, info and booking on the contact page or

by phone:


The vocal expression, self-expression, your voice!

Through the understanding of the vocal apparatus and all areas of the body sought by the act of vocal, breathing and relaxation, vocalise and technical voice, step by step, you will be guided with kindness, according to your needs, whether they are in the expression of you or to progress in your singing practice.
Come and discover the power of your vibration

the power of your voice, the power of your " Me "